About Us

St. Andrew’s Parish Church was founded as a parish of The Episcopal Church in 1875, the first episcopal presence in Fort Worth, Texas, and continues as part of The Episcopal Church in The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth.

Sepia tone photo of St. Andrews downtownWhen St. Andrew’s became a parish in 1875 it included many Fort Worth founding families in its membership, and the “mother church” of many of the current parishes in the diocese. The now historic building, located at 917 Lamar Street in Ft. Worth, was consecrated December 31, 1939 and has served as a benchmark in the community ever since.

When St. Andrew’s celebrated its centennial, a treasure trove of information was researched by Frances Wayman Hogan, The Story of 100 Years: History of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Centennial Year, 1975.

The Rt. Rev. Scott Mayer, the provisional bishop of The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, is encouraged by the faithful that gather to worship and stand together as the continuing St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church.

15617324430_6e554d2f2a_mThe Rev. Edwin W. Barnett is the priest called to shepherd those who come together for worship in the traditional worship of the church each Sunday at 11:15 a.m. Holy Communion is offered on the odd Sundays of each month, and all observed feast days. Morning Prayer is said on the other Sundays of the month.